CQWP problems

I’ve had huge trouble finding out why my Content Query WebPart wasn’t showing the data as I configured it to do.

Luckily I’ve found the following very interesting posts:

Part 3 really helped me with my problems, but all the posts in this serie are very interesting.

It turns out that there is a inconsistancy in the way SharePoint saves its data in the database and the way SharePoint queries the same data. Item data gets saved in the AllUserData table. In this table there are collumns for general use e.g. the columns have names like nvarchar21, nvarchar22, etc. These columns will be used to store data of lists and libraries.

When a contenttype gets used by multiple subsites, there is no gaurantee that the fields get saved in the same columns. This wouldn’t be a problem, if SharePoint create the right query to retrieve the data from the right columns..

Well, I suggest just take the time to read the post. It really makes things clearer.