Exciting news!

Last friday I’ve decided to quit my job. That’s right, only one month left and I will leave Ordina. Even though Ordina has been good to me, I felt it was time for something new. Only a couple of months after I joined Ordina in 2007, a colleague left Ordina to start as a self-employed SharePoint specialist. From then on, I knew that someday I’d be doing the exact same thing. On the side I will also be active in the world of Windows Phone development.

So exciting times are ahead. At the moment I’m busy getting myself certified on SharePoint 2010 Development and I’ve got my first job for a Windows Phone App!

Also, I have created beijsolutions.nl to get some exposure and moved my blog to it.

Anyway, the most important thing now is to get an assignment as a SharePoint developer, so if anyone is in need of an SharePoint specialist, please let me know!