Changing the Background Color for ActiveX Controls in SharePoint 2007

You may run into problems if you have a dark CSS background color for your site which is defined on the body element. The ActiveX control will show this dark color as its background color even if it is a child of another element with a light background color. This makes it difficult , if not impossible, to read and work with the content in the control.

On I’ve found the solution for this:

body {
/* Background color for ActiveX items like “Edit in Datasheet */
background-color: white;

form#aspnetForm {
/* real background color for the site as a whole */
background-color: #002842;

/* to be sure it fills the whole page vertically */
height: 100%;

Content editor webpart filter by audience

To filter a CEWP by audience, don’t use the audience mechanism as intended, but use the filter.

When the audience mechanism is used, data will first be queried, next the returned items get filtered by audience. By this, the amount of items, will possibly be not the amount of items expected.

To use the filter to filter audiences, select Audience to filter upon and supply the GUID of the audience. Instead of using the operator ‘Is’, use ‘Contains’. This is because items can be mapped to multiple audiences. This mapping is done in the same field in the database. The Guids are seperated by semicolon.

Hope this helps someone.